Senior Theses

Students preparing senior theses must enroll in PHYS1990 for the semester in which they will complete their thesis.  Students who wish to obtain credit for thesis related research work in the fall should enroll in PHYS1980 (an override code from the advisor will be needed).

Senior theses are due to be handed into the Department Honors Coordinator and the Senior Thesis Advisor 10 days before the beginning of reading period in a student’s final semester. The final version of a student’s thesis is due no later than midnight on the last day of reading period. Students wishing to be considered for honors must give a Senior thesis presentation no later than the last day of reading period. These presentations typically last a half hour comprised of a 20-minute talk and 10-minute question and discussion period.

Past Senior Theses

Student Research Topic Advisor
Bawabe, Sarah "A Graph Theoretic Window into the Large Scale Structure of the Universe" Stephon Alexander
Bechtold, Stellan "Mapping Dark Matter Distributions of Low Redshift Galaxy Clusters" Ian Dell'Antonio
Belman-Wells, Livia "Subwavelength dielectric resonators via a single etching fabrication step" Leo Li
Byun, Ye Won "Unsupervised and Semi-Supervised Learning Approaches to Predicting Exoplanet Host Stars" Jonathan Pober
Carmichael, Deven "Effects of Ordinary Viscosity on the Topological Classification of the Shallow Water Equations" Brad Marston
Edens, Quentin "Generating and Comparing Dark Matter Distributions in Regular and Merging Galaxy Clusters" Ian Dell'Antonio
Jennis, Aaron "Mapping Dark Matter Distributions in High Extinction Galaxy Clusters" Ian Dell'Antonio
Majumder, Shweta "Monitoring Anxiety of Radiation Oncology Patients through Wearable Sensors"

Marissa Gray and Reshma Munbodh

Marglous, Jacob "In the Driver's Seat: Counterdiabatic Driving to Optimize Bacterial Infection and Cancer Treatments"

Daniel Weinreich and James Valles

McGraw, Samantha "Using a Delay Spectrum Analysis to Compare Simulations and Data in MWA Phase 2" Jonathan Pober
Oaks-Leaf, Sam "The Dominance of Geodesic Paths and Their Application in a 2D Supercooled Liquid" Richard Stratt
Rugg, Natalie "The Visual Identification of Jellyfish Galaxies in Galaxy Clusters" Ian Dell'Antonio
Rutherford, Grant "Two Applications of Plasma Physics Modeling for Controlled Fusion Research" Jonathan Pober
Solt, Jasper "Machine Learning Analysis of the Epoch of Reionization" Jonathan Pober
Turner, Christopher "Gravikinesis of Paramecium Caudatum in Constraining Tubes" James Valles
Voelker, Justin "Calibration of BPW34 FS PIN Diodes for Neutron Fluence Monitoring" Ulrich Heintz
White, Angelina "Inelastic Cross Sections of Metastable Xenon Isotope Production" Richard Gaitskell
Zheng, Joy "Quantum Monte Carlo Studies of an Anisotropic 2D Superconductor-Insulator-Transition" James Valles
Zuckerman, Anna "Evaluating the Viability of Low-Energy Multi-scattered Neutron Calibrations for LZ" Richard Gaitskell
Zuckerman, Leah "Searching for Strong Gravitational Lensing in DECam Cluster Images" Ian Dell'Antonio
Student Research Topic Advisor
Chalfin, Harry S. "The AdS/CFT Correspondence: Entanglement Entropy & Holography" Antal Jevicki
Choi, Jungho "Theory of Topological Heat Transport" Dmitri Feldman
Conroy, Nicholas "Celestial Cartography: Mapping the Distribution of Dark Matter in Galaxy Clusters with Contrasting Mass Measurements" Ian Dell'Antonio
Hall, Galen P. "Implications of mixed layer depth for climate sensitivity in general circulation climate models" Baylor Fox-Kemper
Hannon, Gabriel I. “Exploring the Multiplets: Some Physics Hiding within 4D, N=2 Supersymmetric Transformation Laws” Jim Gates
Harith, Kaushik Srinivasan "Variations in the $\Lambda$CDM parameters at different CMB $\ell$ scales" Stephon Alexander
Hawkins, Claire C. "Mapping Weak Gravitational Lensing Signals from Low-Redshift Galaxy Clusters to Compare Dark Matter and X-Ray Gas Substructures" Ian Dell'Antonio
Hess, Jonathan M. "Quantum Spin Liquids and AC Susceptibility" Kemp Plumb/Sean Ling
Insley, Benjamin A. "Design and Simulation of Nasopharynx Applicator Shielding for Potential Use in Brachytherapy" Oludurotimi Adetunji
Ishimaru, Matthew A. "On the stability of eight-electron bubbles in liquid helium" Humphrey Maris
Jackson, Jacob J. "Extending Urban Scaling Theory Between and Within Cities: Analyses of Inter-City Networks and Kinetic Exchange Modeling of Local Income Inequality" Jim Valles
Kliegman, Ross P. “Can Primordial Black Holes and WIMPs coexist?” Savvas Koushiappas
Lawson, Alexander "Stochastic Modeling of Topological Geophysical Waves" Brad Marston
Mera Evans, Tyco B. “Introducing gravitational wave astronomy into the undergraduate classroom through the creation of a demonstration device” Prof. Rob Coyne, URI
Minot, Andrea D. "Weak Gravitational Lensing in Galaxy Clusters and their X-ray Properties" Ian Dell'Antonio
Palacios, Jorge A. "Unearthing astro-almanacs / unknowing epistemocratic utopia" Stephon Alexander
Purdom, Halle E. "Testing the consistency of different simulations of reionization" Jonathan Pober
Royal, Ellen C. "Dimensional crossover in Ag films evaporated onto angled nanopore array substrates" Jim Valles
Runkel, Sara "Atmospheric Boundary Layer Dynamics and Pollutant Transport in La Paz, Bolivia: Direct Statistical Simulation of the Dry Convective Boundary Layer" Brad Marston
Saluja, Devansh "C* algebras and operator theory in algebraic formulations of quantum mechanics" Brian Cole
Seet, Ruixi "Magnetic Anisotropy in Mixed Van der Waals Materials" Kemp Plumb
Stanton, Jacob G. "Imo Kekere - Examining the Quantum Measurement Problem Through the Yoruba Philosophy of Ifa Divination" Stephon Alexander
Ton, Andrew T. "Mesoscopic Orientational Order Accompanies the Slow Dynamics of a Two-Dimensional Supercooled Liquid" Richard Stratt
Tropper, Adam "Randomness-Assisted Exponential Hierarchies in Particle Physics" Jiji Fan
Vasquez, Katie "Observations of Spectroscopic Binaries Epsilon Persei and HIP26736" Ian Dell'Antonio
Wolcott, Benjamin A. "Simulation of Powdered NMR Spectra Patterns" Vesna Mitrovic
Student Research Topic Advisor
Belcaster, Henry B. "The Music of TRAPPIST-1 and Other Exoplanet Systems: An investigation of orbits, sound, and music's unique ability to explain complex structure in the universe" Professor Stephon Alexander
Brown, Ian W. "Evaporation and measurement of thin oxidized aluminum films on an AAO substrate to investigate potential coulomb effects on transport" Professor Jim Valles
Chan, Jason C. "Prototyping and Testing an Energy Saving Multifunctional Membrane for Buildings"     Professor Derek Stein
Godfrey, Ciaran L. "Search for Trijet Resonance" Professor Greg Landsberg
Hinkle, Elise D. "Tagging Hadronically Decaying Top Quarks with Deep Neural Networks" Professor Meenakshi Narain
Holber, Jamie E. "Spin Hall Angles in Solids exhibiting a Giant Spin Hall Effect" Professor Gang Xiao
Jayaraman, Rahul "Methods for Phase Curve Analyses of Exoplanet Atmospheres" Professor Greg Tucker
Kim, Heesoo "Exfoliation and Characterization of Materials for Heterostructure Assembly" Professors Kemp Plumb & Jia Leo Li
Kocher, Charles D. "Quantum Chaos in Simple Systems" Professor Antal Jevicki
Papol, Anthony V. "The Evolution and Stability of Four-Body Stellar Systems" Professor Stephon Alexander
Student Research Topic Advisor
Avkhadiev, Artur “Treading Geodesic Pathways through the Configuration Space of a Linear Polymer” Professor Stratt (Chemistry)
Butler, Jack "Mapping Dark Matter in the Galaxy Clusters of the Northern Hemisphere" Professor Dell'Antonio
Canaras, Zoe "Constraining Sensitivity to the EoR Power Spectrum" Professor Pober
Cheng, Rebecca Studying and characterizing potential scale dependence of the sheet resistance of thin silver films Professor Valles
Coleman, Evan "Maximal Chaos in Black Holes" Professor Jevicki
Dallas, Emanuel "2D BEC" Professor Kosterlitz
Dick, Nathaniel "Exploring the Inhomogeneous Distribution of Matter Due to Perturbations in the Early Universe" Professor Koushiappas
Dudak, Matthew "Incorporating Computation in Introductory High School Physics" Professor Targan & Professor Silva-Pimentel (Education)
Greer, Cory “A search for dwarf candidates in wide-field surveys” Professor Dell'Antonio
Hartig, Kara "Langmuir Turbulence in the Ocean Surface Boundary Layer: Towards a Sub-grid Statistical Climate Process Model" Professor Marston
Herrera, Kairy "Investigations on Superfluid Dark Matter" Professor Alexander
Hirsch, Alexander "A Python Environment for Wide-angle Energy-momentum Spectroscopy Analysis Professor Zia (Engineering)
Isik, Oliver “Detecting John Cunningham Virus Translocations through Solid-State Nanopores” Professor Stein
Kang, Lucas "Adinkras From Ordered Quartets of BC4 Coxeter Group Elements and Regarding Another Gadget's 1,358,954,496 Matrix Elements." Professor Gates
Ortega, Marlene "Methods for the distinction of hadronically decaying boosted W±/Z bosons" Professor Narain
Marmor, Andrew "Dynamical holes" Professor Koushiappas
Miller, Michelle "Recovering the Physics of the Epoch of Reionization using Semi-Analytic 21CMMC Code" Professor Pober
Quigley, Keegan "Physical Amplification of Chemical Colorimetric Sensing and a Transfer Matrix Analysis" Professor Xu (Engineering)
Sridhar Narayanan, Adarsh "Using Machine Learning to Variationally Optimize Fermionic Wave Functions" Professor Rubinstein (Chemistry)
Stern, Nicholas "Dark Matter Directionality: Effect of Nuclear Recoil Direction Relative to Applied Electric Field on Ionization Yield in the LUX Detector" Professor Gaitskell
Storer, Dara "Analysis of the Best-Fit Sky Model Produced Through Redundant Calibration of the MWA" Professor Pober
Tan, Matthew "Linearity of the Hamamatsu R11410 Photomultipler Tube in cryogenic temperatures for the LUX-ZEPLIN experiment" Professor Gaitskell
Yaruss, Emily "Determining Dark Matter Distribution Through Gravitational Lensing in Low-Redshift Galaxy Clusters in the Southern Hemisphere" Professor Dell'Antonio
Student Research Topic Advisor
Blunt, Sarah "Orbits for the Impatient: A Bayesian Rejection Sampling Method for Quickly Fitting the Orbits of Long-Period Exoplanets" Professor Dell'Antonio & E. Nielsen (SETI Institute) & Prof. Macintosh (Stanford)
Brauer, Kaley "Force-Explicit Machine Learning Schemes and Interactive Visualization for Atomic Simulations" Professor Marston & Professor Peterson (Engineering)
Butcher, Amy "Laser Terahertz Emission Near-field Microscopy" Professor Middleman
Harris, Evan "PSF Anisotropy and Cluster Mass Estimation in Weak Gravitational Lensing" Professor Dell'Antonio
Lynch, Connor "Photomultiplier Tube (PMT) Testing for the LZ (LUX-ZEPLIN) Dark Matter Experiment under intense LED-light exposure and modulation" Professor Gaitskell
Movsheva, Anna "Anyons and Dualities in 2+1 Dimensions" Professor Jevicki
Nelson, Jovan "Using Jet Images and Deep Neural Networks to Identify Particles in High Luminosity" Professor Narain
Oliver, Richard "Force-Free Electrodynamics near the Horizon of an Extremal Kerr Black Hole" Professor Lowe
L.J. Remillard "Stirling coolers, their Vibrations, and Astronomy" Professor Dell'Antonio
Rivlis, Raz "Monte Carlo Simulations of Liquid Crystal Decorated Nanoparticles" Professor Pelcovits
Romines, Carl "Weak Gravitational Lensing" Professor Dell'Antonio
Rosenberg, Eliott "Cooling in a Dissipative Dark Sector" Professor Fan
Seymour, Devon "Monte Carlo Simulations of Polonium Drift from Radon Progeny in an Electrostatic Counter" Professor Gaitskell
Tennis, Jessica "Thermodynamics and Kinetics of DOTA-Based Ligands" Professor Dell'Antonio & Professor Robinson (Chemistry)
Zamora, Alvaro "Finding Young and Hypervelocity Stars in the Outer Halo of the Galaxy"  Professor Dell'Antonio
Student Research Topic Advisor
Adams, Dominic "Computational Simulation of Pawder NMR Spectra" Professor Mitrovic
Altman, Lauren "Scattering Amplitudes of On-Shell Plabic Graphs resulting in Elliptic Integrals" Professor Spradlin
Berglund, Kallan "Investigation of Firewalls in Black Holes" Professor Lowe
Cooper-Troendle, London "Inflation and the Growth of Density Perturbations in the Early Universe" Professor Koushiappas
Dallas, Sam "Modeling Galaxy Color Variations for Cosmological Simulations" Professor Dell'Antonio
Flexman, Connor "Detection of Liquid Xenon Surface Waves by Light Modulation in the LUX Dark Matter Experiment" Professor Gaitskell
Ghoush, Soumya "Reconstructing Pixel-Resolution Spectra of Galaxies using Hubble Data" Professor Dell'Antonio
Givans, Jahmour "Particle Detection in Schwarzschild Anti-de Sitter Spacetime" Professor Lowe
Levine, Alexander J. "Effects of a Capacitvely-Coupled Ground Plane on Nanohoneycomb Thin Films near the Insulator-Superconductor Transition" Professor Valles
Nishimura-Gasparian, Kei "Swimming in Style: Stokes Flow Induced by a Swimmer in a Liquid Crystal" Professor Powers
Scheer, Michael "Spins in the Rough: Finding Carbon-13 Nuclear Spins near a Nitrogen-Vacancy Center in Diamond" Professor Zia
Snider, Charles "Group Theory Applications in Chern-Simons Theory" Professor Jevicki
Storey-Fisher, Kate "Defining Dark Matter Halo Mass in Cosmological Simulations" Professor Dell'Antonio
Tarshish, Nathaniel "Monte Carlo Simulations of Liquid Crystal Defects and Mixtures" Professor Pelcovits
Van der List, Joseph "Searching for a heavy Partner to the Top Quark" Professor Narain
Watson-Daniels, Jamelle "Evaluating Plasmonic Photocatalytic Activity of Materials" Professor Xu
Student Research Topic Advisor
Bonadonna, Christopher “Simulating Planet Formation around M-Type Dwarf Stars” Professor Dell'Antonio
Commons, Jeffrey “Charge Density Waves in Metal-Intercalated Topological Insulator Nanoribbons” Professor Valles & Professor Kosti (Department of Chemistry)
Genecov, Max “Fiat LZ: Teflon Design and Simulation in the Next Generation of Dark Matter Detection” Professor Gaitskell
Kolus, Hannah “Investigating the Relationship between Langmuir Turbulence and Ocean Mixed Layer Entrainment in Large Eddies” Professor Pelcovits & Professor Fox-Kemper (Brown DEEPS)
Kulshreshtha, Abishek “Classification of Topological Insulators” Professor Feldman
Meehan, Alexander “Is It Irrational to Believe Orthodox Quantum Mechanics?” Professor Feldman & Professor Emery (Department of Philosophy)
Moskowitz, Alexander “Searching for Self-Interacting Dark Matter through Galaxy Cluster Collisions” Professor Dell'Antonio
Nally, Richard “Computing Inclusive QCD Cross-Sections through AdS/CFT” Professor Tan
Park, Hojin “Reconstructing AdS Space” Professor Jevicki
Parker, Daniel “Cluster Algebra Structures in Scattering Amplitudes in N = 4 Super Yang-Mills Theory” Professor Volovich
Plummer, Abigail “Numerical and Statistical Simulation of an Idealized Model Tachocline” Professor Marston
Pike, Sean “Two-Point Shear Correlations as Probes of Large-Scale Structure in the CFHTLS Wide Fields” Professor Dell'Antonio
Scherlis, Adam “Triangulations, Polylogarithms and Grassmannian Cluster Algebras in Particle Physics” Professor Spradlin
Underriner, Scott “Scales of Dark Matter Clustering in High Redshift Galaxies” Professor Dell'Antonio
Student Research Topic Advisor
Armstrong, Andrew "The Effect of Orthogonal Transfer on Atmospherically Induced Point Spread Function Correlations" Prof. Dell'Antonio
Barry, Bradley "Simulating Local Spin Texture Induced by Spin-Orbit Interaction and Exotic Orbital Orders in the Mott insulator Ba2NaOsO6 - Exploring Utility as a Qubit" Prof. Mitrovic
Cramer, Avilash "A Method for Improving the Resolution of X-Ray Imaging by Collimation of Scintillating Nanoparticles" Profs. Valles & T. Morse (Brown Engn)
English, Michael-Patrick "Spectral Energy Distributions of Compact Microwave Sources in Galactic HII Regions"  Prof. Tucker
Filsinger, Gabriel "A Theoretical and Experimental Exploration of Magnetic Properties of Amorphous-Fe and bcc-Fe Nanoparticles" Profs. S. Sun (Brown Chem) & Ling
Gilbert, Emily "Measuring Weak Gravitational Lensing by Abell 992 Using the One Degree Imager"  Prof. Dell'Antonio
Jiang, Chinming  "Studies of the Viscosity Dependence of the Galvanotactic Response of Paramecia"  Prof. Valles
Lee, Jaeyoon "Weak Confinement of DNA in a Shallow Free Energy Landscape"  Prof. Stein
Lyubich, Eva "Quasi-Biennial Modulation of the Stratospheric Surf Zone" Profs. Marston & L. Gray (Oxford Physics)
Poh, Wei Jie Jason "Constraining the Past History of Dark Matter Density at the Galactic Solar Radius"  Prof. Koushiappas
Rozansky, Robert "The Physics of Filling a Nanoscale Tube"  Prof. Stein
Shipp, Nora "Fermi Unidentified Sources: Dark Matter or Astrophysics"  Prof. Koushiappas
Siegelman, Mika "Modeling Ocean Dynamics at Waikiki Beach" Profs. B. Fox-Kemper (Brown GeoSci) & M. Merrifield (U. Hawaii)
Student Research Topic Advisor
Albright, Stephen "Consequences of Slip on Electrokinetic Currents in Nanochannels" Prof. Derek Stein
Berg, Alexander "Thin-Film Gap-Sample Experiments" Prof. Jim Valles
Carpenter, Caitlin "Effects of Spatial Compactifcation on the Hagedorn Temperature and the Thermo-Tachyon" Prof. Chung-I Tan
Chanayammuri, Urmila "Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies of the Milky Way: Identification in Sloan Digital Sky Survey and Significance in Dark Matter Detection" Prof. Savvas Koushiappas
DiPetrillo, Karri "DNA Translocation Dynamics through Asymmetric Solid-State Nanopores" Prof. Derek Stein
Eggers, Lucas "Toward Entropic Trapping of DNA in Solid-State Nanopores" Prof. Derek Stein
Frees, Adam "Solutions of Higher Spin Gravity and Connections to Integrable Systems" Prof. Antal Jevicki
Golden-Marx, Emmet "Measuring Star Formation Rates in Nearby Galaxies using Their Far Infrared Continua" Prof. Ian Dell'Antonio
Golden-Marx, Jesse "Searching for Classical Novae in the M81 Galaxy Group As a Proxy for the Fraction of Stars That Have Escaped Their Host Galaxies" Prof. Ian Dell'Antonio
Hill, Cameron "Measuring Weak Lensing of Galaxy Clusters with the One Degree Imager (ODI)" Prof. Ian Dell'Antonio
Langer, Marc "Statistical Physics of the Anyonic Fabry-Perot Interferometer" Prof. Dima Feldman
Moon, Wooyoung "Density Functional Theory Calculations of the Stability of Charged Molecular Clusters Emitted by a Nanopore Ion Source" Prof. Derek Stein
Nagamine, Tasha "Optical Modulation of Microcircuits in Deep Brain Structures of Behaving Rodents" Prof. Arto Nurmikko
Pfundheller, Austin "Searching for High-Luminosity, Sun-Like Stars in the Galactic Halo" Prof. Ian Dell'Antonio
Poole, William "Playing Polymer Ping Pong: Simulating the Out-of-Equilibrium Dynamics of Driven Polymer Translocations Through a Nanopore" Prof. Derek Stein
Powell, Charles "Density Functional Modelling of Actinide Complexes" Prof. Brad Marston
Ramamurti, Adith "Quantization of Symmetric Spaces" Prof. Antal Jevicki
Sedor, Geoffrey "Searching for Gigantic Black Holes" Prof. Ian Dell'Antonio
Shasha, Carolyn "Comparing Filamentous Virus Lengths Using a Solid-State Nanopore" Prof. Derek Stein
Shi, Xiangjun "Why Do I Study Physics?"  (A science communication animation project) Prof. Chung-I Tan
Stark, Alejo "Is There an AGN in the Bright, Strongly Lensed, High Redshift Galaxy RCSGA 032727-1326?" Prof. Savvas Koushiappas
Van Krieken, Cole "Changes in Fluid Viscosity and Its Effect on the Avoiding Reaction in Paramecia" Prof. Jim Valles
Weinberger, Nathan Study of the Effect of CO2 Lasers Radiation on Electron Bubbles in Liquid Helium Prof. Humphrey Maris
Winoker, Zachary "Inducing Knotted Defect Structures in Nematic Liquid Crystals via Boundary Conditions" Prof. Robert Pelcovits
Student Research Topic Advisor
Adams, Arthur “Measurements of the Mass of the Top Quark Using the Lepton+Jets Decay Channel” Prof. Ulrich Heintz
Alexander, Kate “Quantifying the Effects of Noise Peaks on Two-Point Correlation Functions in Ground-Based Lensing Data” Prof. Ian Dell’ Antonio
Bensson, James “Quantum Computing with Nuclear Magnetic Resonance” Prof. Vesna Mitrovic
Bodington, Natalie “Rectification Behavior of Junctions of Hubbard-Chains Using the Density-Matrix Renormalization Group” Prof. Brad Marston
Cho, Minjae “Integrability Structure of Giant Magnons in AntideSitter Space” Prof. Antal Jevicki
Coogan, Adam “Search for the RS Graviton in 2.2  TeV Data at CMS” Prof. Meenakshi Narain
Dodelson, Matthew “dS/CFT and the Wavefunction of the Universe” Prof. Antal Jevicki
Hicks, William "U(1) Charges in Weakly-Coupled Free-Fermionic Heterotic String Models” Prof. David Lowe
Huynh, Clarence “SN2011fe: A Standard Candle Examination of M101” Prof. Ian Dell’ Antonio
Iadecola, Thomas “Anyonic Fabry-Pérot Interferometry in Quantum Hall Systems” Prof. Dmitri Feldman
Lazo del Sol, Luis “Modifying Anodized Aluminum Oxide's Roughness on a Nanometer Scale for Thin-Film Superconductor Experiments" Prof. Jim Valles
Lester, Ryan "Bulk Quantum Computing with NMR" Prof. Vesna Mitrovic
Mickalide, Harry “Modelling the Swimming Mechanics of Paramecia through Analysis of Speed versus Viscosity in Three Separate Species” Prof. Jim Valles
Nagy, Mark “Nanopore Measurements and Analysis of DNA Fragments” Prof. Sean Ling
Neubauer, Marianna “The Effect of Simple Viscous and Visco-Elastic Media on Bacterial Motility” Prof. Jay Tang
Provencher, Real Ryan “Symbology of Integrals in Loop-Level Feynman Diagrams” Prof. Marcus Spradlin
Wagman, Michael “Simulating Turduckened Black Holes with a Discontinuous Galerkin Scheme” Prof. Jan Hesthaven