Undergraduate Opportunities to Get Involved

Involvement and Feedback

Undergraduate concentrators are invited to the weekly general department colloquium (following one of the department's "coffee hours") and to all of the numerous seminar programs in the various research areas. 

The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee of the department, which is staffed by faculty members, formulates and monitors the curriculum, solicits suggestions and critiques from students. 

Every student in the department is asked to fill out a course evaluation form for each course at the end of each semester. These evaluations, which do not have to be signed, are used to monitor the material and teaching in the department's offerings.

Departmental Undergraduate Group (DUG)

The Physics DUG is a student-run organization that meets regularly to hear faculty research presentations, discuss career opportunities in physics and fosters a strong sense of community among all of the undergraduate physics concentrators.

DUGs exist to foster community and interest in their respective departments and to help students build connections with professors and alumni. Each semester the Physics DUG organizes a variety of events designed to achieve these goals, from social events to advising sessions to research talks with faculty. Although these events are open to all concentrators, they focus specifically on providing resources and support to physics students.

Contact Physics DUG


If you are taking an introductory physics course this semester, your email will be added to the Physics DUG listserv. If you're interested in Physics DUG events but are not taking physics this semester, you can either add yourself to the listserv at or you can emai the Physics DUG and request to be added.

Physics Student Groups

There are many physics and science-based groups providing support and community to physics students. Here are some of them: