Honors in Physics

Candidates receiving honors in Physics will be expected to pursue a more rigorous and extensive program than those merely concentrating in the subject.

Candidates typically earn the Sc.B. degree, though in special circumstances an A.B. degree will be acceptable.

Eligibility and Requirements

All Sc.B. candidates are eligible for honors consideration without any special application procedure. During the student's eighth semester, the Physics concentration and honors advisors will review the student's grades in all mathematics and physics courses required for the concentration (if the student takes more than the required number of elective courses, those electives with the highest grades will be counted). If at least 1/3 of these courses have grades of A or S with distinction, the successful completion of the senior thesis is then the remaining requirement, including an oral presentation at the end of the eighth semester. This presentation will be evaluated by the thesis advisor, and the Physics concentration and honors advisors. If it is deemed satisfactory, the student will be awarded honors at graduation.

Outstanding theses may be nominated for publication by The Wayland Press of Brown University.

Honors Coordinator

The Physics Honors Coordinator is the main point of contact for questions and will inform seniors about upcoming deadlines and presentation dates.