Research ​​Centers

The Department of Physics hosts two research centers that support work on understanding our universe.

The Brown Theoretical Physics Center (BTPC)

The Brown Theoretical Physics Center (BTPC) stimulates collaborative research across the boundaries between astrophysics-cosmology, condensed matter and high energy theoretical physics, and supports interdisciplinary cross-departmental research. BTPC faculty are currently engaged in research in quantum matter; quantum information science; climate and environmental physics; theoretical particle physics, quantum field theory, and mathematical physics.

The Center for the Fundamental Physics of the Universe (CFPU)

The Brown Center for the Fundamental Physics of the Universe unites Brown’s Astrophysics and Cosmology group with its Experiment Particle Physics group. Together, CFPU researchers study the origin, evolution, composition, and fate of the Universe in a cohesive approach not possible through individual work. CFPU addresses many of the most vexing and fundamental unsolved problems in physics by combining the research strengths within Brown's Department of Physics.​

CFPU Graduate Student Research