Room Reservations

The Physics Department oversees reservations for specific rooms in Barus and Holley, as well as the Barus Building. Other rooms in Barus and Holley are reserved through the Office of the Registrar and the School of Engineering.

Departmental Room Reservations

If you are a member of the Physics Department, follow these instructions to reserve one of the listed rooms in Barus and Holley and/or the Barus Building.

Barus and Holley (184 Hope St.)

Barus Building (340 Brook St.)

Check availability on the calendars below, then email Ariel Green for reservations.

*Rooms 723 and 724 adjoin. If you want to reserve both spaces you must make a separate room request for each.

How to Reserve

  • Create an event in Google Calendar.
  • Click on "Add rooms."
  • Scroll down to "Barus & Holley," or "Barus Building."
  • Select the room you want to book.
  • Fill in the name of your event and click "Save."

Further instructions on how to reserve rooms using Google Calendar are available in the OIT Knowledgebase.

If you are not a member of the Physics Department or if you have trouble booking a room, contact:

Reserving Other Rooms in Barus and Holley

Most rooms in Barus and Holley can only be reserved through the Office of the Registrar, and some rooms must be booked through the School of Engineering.

Log on to the University's 25Live site to request a reservation (SSO login required) for one of the following rooms: 

  • BH 093
  • BH 141
  • BH 153
  • BH 155
  • BH 157
  • BH 158
  • BH 159
  • BH 160
  • BH 161
  • BH 163
  • BH 165
  • BH 166
  • BH 168
  • BH 195
  • BH 197
  • BH 751
  • the lobby area outside BH 166 and BH 168

Visit the School of Engineering's room request page to reserve BH 190191, or 194.

Reserve a space in the Hazeltine Commons.