Elijah Lew-Smith: Hertz Fellowship Recipient

Elijah Lew-Smith receives prestigious Hertz Fellowship

Congratulations to Elijah Lew-Smith '24 Sc.B., a recipient of a 2024 Hertz Fellowship! The fellowship provides each recipient with five years of doctoral-level research funding (up to $250,000), allowing them the flexibility and autonomy to pursue their innovative ideas.

Along his journey to a Sc.B. in mathematical physics, Elijah said he found inspiration in the joy Professor Dima Feldman takes in physics and life. Among Elijah’s favorite quotes from Prof. Feldman are “There is no science, only art,” and “Textbooks don’t want to scare you, but you should be scared.”

A theoretical physicist with broad interests in effective field theory (EFT), Elijah received an REU to work on applying EFT systematically to non-equilibrium and active systems such as fluctuating hydrodynamics or flocking birds. Elijah balances his scientific interests with deep gratitude, thanking his family, friends and teachers who have “put up with and supported me in a heroic fashion.”

Of his time at Brown, Elijah said he loved having a community with whom to share excitement about new ideas. “Living in a society where it is possible to devote one’s life to physics is truly a privilege.” As a Hertz fellow, Elijah, who will pursue a Ph.D. at MIT, can do just that.