Tucker Manton Awarded American Physical Society's Five Sigma Physicist Award

Postdoctoral Research Associate Tucker Manton recoginized for volunteer advocacy work

On behalf of the American Physical Society (APS), Jonathan A. Bagger, APS Chief Executive Officer, recently awarded Tucker Manton the Five Sigma Physicist Award.

With this highly competitive award, the APS recognizes members who have exhibited outstanding volunteer advocacy work in addressing science policy issues. Recipients have demonstrated substantial and impactful advocacy activity with the APS Government Affairs team throughout the year.

APS staff specially selected Tucker for his service in making 33 connections with Congress in 2023 on the Keep STEM Talent Act, Methane Emissions Mitigation and Reduction Act, LGBTQI+ Data Inclusion Act, and Research and Development Funding.

Bagger expressed deep appreciation for Tucker’s service to the APS his support of the policies the APS endorses, saying “It is important for policymakers to hear from their constituents, especially scientists. You play a vital role in advancing our discipline, which is crucial to fulfilling our goal of being the voice for physics in the U.S. government.”

Professor Stephon Alexander praised Manton, a senior research associate in the Brown Theoretical Physics Center (BTPC), as a “great citizen, role model and mentor in the theory group as well as in the larger physics community. This is a well-deserved award, and we are proud.”