Brown Physics Eclipse Experiences

The Physics Department hosted a number of eclipse-related events, and physics community members shared with us their varied and wonderful eclipse experiences.

From Providence, Rhode Island, to Montpelier, Vermont, and Montreal, Canada, members of the Physics Department's community shared their journeys to see the solar eclipse. The department hosted an eclipse seminar, The Wonder and Enigma of Eclipses, featuring Stephon Alexander, Angella Johnson, and Francine Jackson.

First-year physics students constructed an eclipse installation in the Barus and Holley lobby, which was visited by, among many others, the first and second-grade classes of the French-American School of Rhode Island (FASRI). Prof. Rick Gaitskell and first-year student Jason Wu talked with the local NBC News affiliate, WJAR, about this experience.

The NASA Rhode Island Space Grant Consortium hosted a viewing event on the Main Green for Brown University and the local community, weather permitting. Scientists and volunteers, most of whom were physics students, were on hand to answer questions, guide the use of Ladd Observatory's sun spotters, and support a spectacular viewing experience for the Brown and Providence communities. 

This amazing event, hosted by the NASA Rhode Island Space Grant Consortium, was supported by the Department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences, the Department of Physics, and LunaSCOPE, whose joint contributions made it possible to distribute eclipse-viewing glasses to the lucky folks who arrived early!