The Physics Department Presents: The Wonder and Enigma of Eclipses

The Physics Department is pleased to present a seminar, “The Wonder and Enigma of Eclipses,” featuring Stephon Alexander, Francine Jackson, and Angella Johnson. Read more below.

We’ve all heard of Einstein’s theory of relativity, but did you know that in 1919, Sir Arthur Eddington journeyed to the island of Principé, off the coast of Africa, to perform the first experimental test of Einstein’s general theory of relativity during a solar eclipse? Noted theoretical physicist and cosmologist Professor Stephon Alexander, author of "Fear of a Black Universe: An Outsider’s Guide to the Future of Physics," will relate his own unique and fantastic journey to Principé during a solar eclipse and introduce you to the physics of eclipses.

Learn more at this exciting seminar on Wednesday, April 3rd, from 1 - 2:30 PM in Barus & Holley Room 190!

Professor Alexander anchors the program with a discussion (geared to a broad audience) of the physics of eclipses. He will be joined by Ladd Observatory’s Francine Jackson, who will exhibit the equipment that will be in use during Brown’s eclipse viewing on the Main Green on April 8th, and the Physics Department’s Angella Johnson will discuss the history of eclipses.