Jun Qi and Christine Geng Graduate Fellowship Impacts Research: New Publication

Lead author Naiyuan (James) Zhang publishes a paper together with his advisor, Professor Jia Li.

Congratulations to James and Prof. Li on their paper, out today in Nature Materials, “Angle-resolved transport non-reciprocity and spontaneous symmetry breaking in twisted trilayer graphene.”

James is supported by a second Jun Qi and Christine Geng Graduate Fellowship, the first of which he received in 2021. Prof. Li notes that the initial fellowship award has “generated substantial positive impact to research here at Brown,” allowing James to focus more fully on the research project, leading to “the development of a new experimental method, which enabled the first observation of the phenomenon reported in this paper; this method has proved to be very powerful.” Prof. Li credits this new experimental method as “foundational to the DoD EPSCoR funding” he received last year.

James is currently working on two additional papers, which, combined with this paper, will form the basis of his thesis work.