The CFPU's Antikythera Device 3D Print Project

The Brown Center for the Fundamental Physics of the Universe (CFPU) Presents the Antikythera Device 3D Print Project! Spearheaded by Rick Gaitskill and the Center's Ariel Green, the project will come together in the months leading up to the full eclipse on Monday, April 8, 2024. Working in the Brown Design Workshop, the Project hopes to bring together interested students from all disciplines who are also skilled at 3D printing. 

First Meeting to Discuss:
Time: 5:00 pm EST
Sponsor: Department of Physics
Location: Prince Engineering Lab
Room: BDW
The CFPU will hold the first Antikythera Device 3D Print Project meeting on Tuesday, November 14, at 5 PM in the Brown Design Workshop (BDW).

The Project seeks physics and engineering students - and anyone with skill and interest in 3D printing to print and build a 3D replica of the Antikythera Device!