Provost’s STEM Postdoctoral Fellowships for Diversity, Inclusion, and Impact

Brown University is pleased to announce the Provost’s STEM Postdoctoral Fellow Program.

"Our goal is to knit different technical areas together as part of our STEMJazz Program and hit some home runs at disciplinary interstices (where the breakthroughs lay!).  [If you are] a brilliant physicist -- someone who understands and can use experimental results, but who has a theoretical wide-ranging intellect and can do the aforementioned knitting across disciplines - you are encouraged to apply," Professor Christopher Rose, Associate Provost for STEM Initiatives told the Physics Department.

Fellows, appointed for two years, will form a multidisciplinary cohort of scholars with tenure-track faculty aspirations who can leverage Brown's unique low-boundary collaborative environment to build exceptionally creative and influential projects across STEM disciplines. Teaching and mentoring opportunities may also be arranged for interested Fellows.  We seek candidates with the ability to work successfully in multidisciplinary teams and with demonstrated evidence of sustained support for the inclusion of members of underrepresented groups in their disciplines. 

Interested candidates with a recent Ph.D. in any STEM area are encouraged to apply here.  The anticipated start date for the positions is July 1, 2024. Other start dates may be considered.