Brad Marston Selected to Present at the Kavli Foundation Special Symposium

The Physics Department is pleased to announce that Brad Marston was selected for the Kavli Foundation Special Symposium at the American Physical Society's (APS) March Meeting.

Brad Marston

Gregory Mack, PhD, Science Program Officer, Astrophysics and Theoretical Physics at the Kavli Foundation, expressed his admiration and gratitude for Brad's work "that advances science for the benefit of humanity."  He looks forward to attending the symposium in person to hear Brad's remarks.

Brad's presentation, “Waves of Topological Origin in the Fluid Earth System and Beyond,” was held on Sunday, March 5th, at the Kavli Foundation Special Symposium "Frontier Physics from Atomic to Astronomical Scales."

The session covers awe-inspiring phenomena spanning across scales, starting with exciting physics at the ultracold atomic level; followed by the richness of quantum matter at the mesoscopic scale; progressing to the scale of our precious Earth and its climate; and finally, to the wonders of the cosmos.

Watch Brad discuss his talk on waves of topological origin.

Congratulations, Brad!