Congratulations to the Class of 2020

Brown pennantsCongratulations to all our graduating students! Our faculty and staff extend their warmest wishes. Join us in celebrating the class of 2020 today, May 24 at 1:00 PM at the Brown virtual degree conferral

Undergraduate Degree

  • Altopp, Gabriel
  • Ling, Ellen H.
  • Bui, Jennifer T. *
  • Lopez-Uricoechea, Julian
  • Chalfin, Harry S. *+|
  • Mera Evans, Tyco B. *
  • Choi, Jungho *
  • Minot, Andrea D. *
  • Conroy, Nicholas +|
  • Palacios Gomez, Jorge A.
  • Fang, Noah Z. +
  • Purdom, Halle E.
  • Guesman, James B.
  • Royal, Ellen *+
  • Hall, Galen P. *+|
  • Runkel, Sara *
  • Hannon, Gabriel I. *
  • Saluja, Devansh *
  • Harith, Kaushik Srinivasan *
  • Seet, RuiXi *
  • Hawkins, Claire C. *
  • Silver, Eli A. ^
  • Hess, Jonathan M. *
  • Stanton, Jacob G. *+
  • Insley, Benjamin A. *
  • Swain, Asutosh ^
  • Ishimaru, Matthew A. *
  • Ton, Andrew T. *+
  • Jackson, Jacob J. ^
  • Tropper, Adam ^
  • Kliegman, Ross P. *+
  • Vasquez, Katherine M. *
  • Kumar, Conant R.
  • Wolcott, Benjamin A. *
  • Lawson, Alexander M. *

*With Honors

+Magna Cum Laude

| BK Phi Beta Kappa

^Projected completion AY 2020-2021

Undergraduate Awards

Chair's Award for Excellence in Scholarship and Service to the Physics Department

  • Jungho Choi
  • Ellen C. Royal

Smiley Prize for Excellent Contribution to the Astronomy Program

  • Claire C. Hawkins
  • Katherine Vasquez

Mildred Widgoff Prize for Excellence in Thesis Preparation

  • Ross P. Kliegman
  • Benjamin A. Wolcott

R. Bruce Lindsay Prize for Excellence in Physics

Adam Tropper

Master of Science

  • Alzahrani, Atheer
  • Kwon, Taeun​*
  • Bang, Jihyeun (Jeanne)*
  • Li, Daniel​*
  • Cheng, Keyu
  • Liu, Jinglong
  • Cianciara, Aleksander*
  • Liu, Yunzhe
  • Davis, Benjamin
  • Morissette, Erin*
  • Ding, Bangge
  • Orlandi, Michael
  • DiScala, Michael
  • Snider, Charles*
  • Doshi, Darshil*
  • Song, Zehao 
  • Goldstein, Isabelle*
  • Sun, Dihao
  • Hirai, Lauren*
  • Swanson, Nathaniel*
  • Hong, Yuanzhuo
  • Tan, Weilun
  • Hua, Yuchen
  • Thompson, Sean
  • Huang, Fuyang
  • Wei, Zhengxuan
  • Jenks, Leah*
  • Wen, Duo
  • Jiang, Haotian
  • Yan, Xuli*
  • Jiang, Zhihao
  • Zhang, Zheng

*Transitional Masters

Doctor of Philosophy

  • George Barbosa Araujo: "Bacterial Mobility in Thin Liquid Films and Near a Solid Boundary"
    Advisor: Prof. Jay Tang

  • Shing Chau Leung: "Dark Matter Searches in the Crescendo of the 21st Century Experiments”
    Advisor: Prof. JiJi Fan

  • Ansel Lou Blumers: "Spatial and Temporal Acceleration of Mesoscopic Blood-Flow Simulations"
    Advisor: Prof. George Karniadakis

  • Wenhao Li: "Direct Optical Characterization of Carrier Transport and Structural Properties in Halide Perovskite Thin Films"
    Advisor: Prof. Rashid Zia

  • Dongqing Huang: "Ultra-Low Energy Calibration of the LUX and LZ Dark Matter Detectors"
    Advisor: Prof. Richard Gaitskell

  • Wenyang Li: "The Phase II of Murchison Widefield Array Experiment: Constraining the Epoch of Reionization"
    Advisor: Prof. Jonathan Pober

  • Shao Ran Huang: "Experimental Design under Low Signal Conditions"
    Advisor: Prof. Rashid Zia

  • Binyang Liu: "Weak and Not So Weak Lensing: Shear Calibration and Dark Matter Structure in Galaxy Clusters”
    Advisor: Prof. Ian Dell'Antonio

  • Adam Eudene Lanman: "Precision Simulation of Low-Frequency Radio Interferometers"
    Advisor: Prof. Jonathan Pober

  • Stefan Stanojevic: "Landau Singularities and Positive Geometries”
    Advisor: Prof. Marcus Spradlin

  • Jangbae Lee: "Searches for Charged Higgs Bosons and for Decays of Neutral Higgs Bosons to Charm Quarks"
    Advisor: Prof. Ulrich Heintz

Graduate Student Awards - ScM

Outstanding Academic Accomplishment

Dihao Sun

Excellence in Master's Research

Michael DiScala

Engaged Citizenship and Community Service to the Physics Department

Zhengxuan Wei

Graduate Student Awards - PhD

Galkin Foundation Fellowship Award 2019-20

Kwok Wai Ken Ma

Anthony Houghton Award for Excellence in Theoretical Physics

Kwok Wai Ken Ma

Forrest Award for Excellent Work Related to Experimental Apparatus

Ka Hei Martin Kwok

Physics Merit Fellowship 2019-20

Lijuan Qian

Physics Merit Fellowship 2019-20

Stefan Stanojevic

Award of Excellence as a Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Taeun Kwon
  • Daniel Li
  • Nikolas Pervan
  • Qiaochu Wang
  • Benjamin Zager

Sigma Xi Award (Excellence in Research in Physics)

Kwok Wai Ken Ma