The Pat and Tony Houghton Condensed Matter and Biophysics Seminars

Open to all individuals, our weekly Condensed Matter and Biophysics Seminar Series fosters an environment of collaboration, curiosity, and inspiration. This series provides a platform for researchers from universities, national labs and industry to share their work across the diverse spectrum of research at the forefront of condensed matter physics and biophysics. Held every Thursday in Barus and Holley 190

2024 Seminars

2/29/2024 Igor Roshchin Nanosurf Unlocking New Methods in Atomic Force Microscopy
3/7/2024 -----March Meeting--    
3/14/2024 Nicolas Giovambattista Brooklyn College, CUNY
3/21/2024 Matteo Mitrano Harvard TBD
3/28/2024 SPRING RECESS ---- TBD
4/4/2024 Ken Burch Boston College TBD
4/11/2024 Dan Roxbury URI Engineering Fluorescent Carbon Nanotubes For The Biomedical Field
4/18/2024 Alison E Patteson Syracuse University TBD
4/25/2024 Sara Haravifard Duke University TBD
5/2/2024 Joseph Falson Caltech TBD