Second Year Ethics Training Requirement

The department requires second year Ph.D. students to complete the NSF Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Training Requirement by January of their second year in the program.

RCR Requirement and Completion

Students must complete the CITI Course in the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) with at least 80% grade on the module quizzes. Upon completion, students should send a copy of their completion certificate to the Student Affairs and Programs Manager.

The Graduate School mandates this training which examines scientific integrity and ethical reasoning as they pertain to research. The mandate notwithstanding, the department believes that this training is essential to a student’s success, both academically and professionally and, thus, highly beneficial and important as professional development.

The module is intended to acquaint new researchers with ethical issues that emerge in all disciplines, equip participants with the resources and contacts to address them, and prompt students to reflect on the ambiguity of ethical questions that emerge as part of the research process. It includes understanding what constitutes plagiarism and falsification of data as well as proper crediting of collaborators (including making sure that you receive appropriate credit for your work in a research group).

After all students have completed the course, there is a follow-up session with case study analyses and cross-disciplinary discussions.