Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The Brown University Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan guides the Department’s diversity and inclusion initiatives. The Physics Departmental Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan (DDIAP) Committee plans events and initiatives designed to bring in different perspectives to our community and make the Physics Department a more inclusive space.

Faculty Members

  • Stephon Alexander (Chair)
  • Ian Dell'Antonio (Diversity Officer)
  • Jonathan Pober (Diversity Officer)

Graduate Students

  • Calvin Bales
  • Nicholas Drachman
  • Lawrence Edmond IV
  • Jessica Washington


  • Humberto Gilmer

Staff Members

  • Valerie DeLaCámara
  • Sara Mueller
  • Douglas Wilkie
  • Jessica Bello

Undergraduate Students

  • Anvita Bhagavathula
  • Alexander Green
  • Rachel Hemmer
  • Ishika Tulsian