The Department of Physics is a vibrant department with faculty pursuing the frontiers of science, engineering and physics education. The Physics Colloquium hosts speakers pushing the limits of physics to detect new fundamental particles and dark matter, while others are formulating, perceiving and creating devices and materials that transform practical aspects of our daily lives. All are welcome! Mondays at 4 PM in BH168.

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Spring 2024

2/5/24 Kimberly Boddy University of Texas, Austin A Symphony of Gravitational Waves  
2/12/24 Peter Abbamonte UIUC Observation of Pines’ Demon in Sr2RuO4
2/19/24 Washington's birthday                                                     ---- ----
2/26/24 Ziqiang Wang Boston College Kagome Superconductors – From Loop-current Chern Metal to Roton Pair Density Wave and Charge-6e Superconductivity
3/4/24 APS MARCH MEETING ---- ----
3/11/24 Paul Sutter Stony Brook University TBD
3/18/24 Chris Hull Imperial College London TBD
3/25/24 Adrienne Erikcek UNC-Chapel Hill TBD
4/1/24 Andrew Mounce, Sir Sandia National Laboratories TBD
4/8/24 Raghav Kunnawalkam Elayavalli Vanderbilt University TBD
4/15/24 Susanne Yelin Harvard University TBD
4/22/24 Maulik Parikh ---- ----
4/29/24 The AO Williams Colloquium featuring Gregory Gabadadze New York University ----
5/6/24 ---- ---- ----
5/13/24 Samuele Sanna University of Bologna ----
5/20/24 Nicole Yunger Halpern University of Maryland Beyond the First Law: Peculiarly Quantum Conservation Laws in Thermodynamics